Senin, 31 Agustus 2015

#1 Blog project

It's nice to be part of changing life with more colorful insight. In every single day we count a remarkable and huge numbers of information lead us go to anywhere we choose. We choose one or several things and throw away the rest. But someday it could face nearly, and we take a sudden shift off...

It's not really the first contact to, but suddenly i was driven to look back by brighter view.

May it could find a useful way to contributing on understanding how useful the virtual net is...
And now we open the one of useful mind mapping application provide by Coggle as shown below.
It's simply to use and we can share to others immediately. And also it's free.
This mind mapping helps us to simplify the most common problem of the writer, who want more things to write but there is an unstructured matter. Sometime there is a lot of point of view, and we must reconstructing first by writing the pointers. Is among those are related and how we want to describe it. Make it flow on your view. Just make easy to understand, even only by yourself...
Don't forget to save your works as some format i.e PdF, JPEG or others, and share it if you think it's useful for friends or people on your network. Sharing a good thing is better in communicating with people.

It's like open the door, entering the general info of blogspot that we want to know. As if our minds want all the answers. Sometime it's same as our question...or something we want elaborate to understand the matter. So feel free exploring what in your head is.

Another mind mapping application you can choose are XMind,  FreeMind,  MindNode,  bubbl.usMindMeisterMapul, WiseMappingStormBoardWridea, iMindMapPopplet.